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Commissioner staff - Hopewell District

Commissioner staff

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Commissioner's Corner

The Hopewell District is pleased to have Scott Snow as our District Commissioner.

Commissioners are volunteers who provide coaching to units.

Please click on a link (below) to see a description for each of the commissioner positions:

Commissioner Duty Assignments

Commissioner Position Assigned Units/Role
Phil Burgio ADC ADC of UVTS, T617, C43
Dennis Dzeich ADC ADC of Commissioner Training
Tom Forsythe ADC ADC of New Units
Ed Miller ADC UC Mentoring, T54, P54, P417
John Newby UC T20, T572, P85
Ray Ebersole UC T50, T718, P19, P572
David Ohlweiler UC T194, P139, P998, C194
David Adkins UC T7, T29, T896, P896
Francisco Pascual UC P875, P683, P500
Hal Wood UC T36, P36, P618
Chuck Howard UC P617
Andy Simmons UC T51, P840
Patrick Houstin UC T21, C21, T801, P436
Mike Shinski UC P230, P750, P838, P57
Joe Bertolini UC T750, T838, T500
to be assigned UC T53, T186, T632
Tony Maurer UC T57, T817, T43, P842
Jeff Lebowitz UC C618, P323
Scott Walker ADC ADC of Roundtable
Frank Borke ADC, BSRTC    
Chris Minniear CSRTC    
Cindy Lebowitz VRTC C750

  • Hopewell currently has 60 units, with 14 Unit Commissioner|UCs serving those units. Our ideal number will be to have 20 Unit Commissioner|UCs, so we can achieve a 3:1 ratio of units per UC. Please contact any of the Commissioner Staff if you are interested in serving as a Unit Commissioner|UC.

Commissioner Reources

The National Council maintains a page for various commissioner resources.

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